About Nebyt Dahabiya

The golden lady on the Nile.

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Our Dahabeya came into operation in November 2011 and has already a lot of fans. The boat is 43 m long and 7 m large and fitted with 6 comfortable cabins (twin and/or double beds) with large panoramic windows each and 1 luxury suite with own terrace, minibar and a Jacuzzi Whirlpool. All cabins are equipped with phone/TV, private safe, shower/toilet, hairdryer, bath shoes/bathing coat and individually controlled air-condition units. There is a restaurant, bar, lounge with TV corner, WLAN, 1 large shaded sundeck with Jacuzzi Whirlpool, comfortable and cosy Chaise lounges.
On our “Nebyt”, a nostalgic sailing boat, you can discover the Nile in a special way. You observe the hustle and bustle on the Nile, out of your floating hotel. The Dahabeya leads you into indescribable calmness and serenity about 200 km along the Nile. A family atmosphere is the life on board and ensures unforgettable holiday memories – you might enjoy the special service. Furthermore, the Dahabeya docks where the large cruise have no chance and must pass.
by Tarek Rabie



All cabins & suits feature private dial telephones
Cabins with individually controlled A/C units
private safe
Large windows with a panoramic view
Large flat LCD screens with satellite receivers (when docked only) and a DVD channel
Upscale bed and bathroom linen
Fluffy and modern duvets
Bathrobes and slippers
Elegant fine dining room and lounge
Jacuzzi tub on the sun deck
Electronic fire and smoke detection
In-house movie channel with a large movie library
Wireless internet capabilities
In-Room coffee and tea tray service

2 sails, if there is wind, otherwise the ship is towed by a motorboat.
Shaded sun deck level.
Chaise-longue chairs on the sun deck
First-aid kit and medical attention available upon request.
Emergency handling (CPR and medic first-aid) and fire trained staff.
Library with a large variety of books.
Dahabiyas in general have no engine and are hooked to a tugboat in case of little wind.
A generator is producing the electrical supply on board and works from 07:00 to 23:00. During thenight it is switched off.

Breakfast: buffet with flakes, bred, butter, cheese, jam, honey, crepes, eggs, a variety of warmdelicious Egyptian dishes, vegetables, fruits, yoghurt, juice, milk, tea, coffee

Lunch: buffet with different salads, appetisers, some warm delicious Egyptian dishes, fruits of season.

Dinner: buffet or menu consisting of soup, salads, appetisers, fish or chicken or beef, rice or pasta, vegetables, Egyptian dishes, fruits of season, desserts.

On our Dahabiya Nebyt no alcoholic drinks are served. Our guests might bring alcoholic beveragesalong with them on board.

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